Denver’s Public Libraries are Fully Embracing Cannabis Education – News

Colorado was the first state in the country to pass comprehensive recreational cannabis legalization legislation, with legal weed sales starting over three years ago on the first day of 2014. Since then, the Centennial State has become America’s most cannabis-friendly locale, with millions of tourists taking the pilgrimage to Colorado for their own 420-friendly vacations. In Denver, legalization has normalized marijuana so much that even the area’s local public libraries are doing their part to mainstream the once forbidden crop.

According to deep dive through the local Dewey Decimal System by reporters at Westword, Denver’s chain of publicly funded Anythink Libraries chain stocks 108 cannabis-related books, 259 e-books, 56 audio books, 140 albums and 65 movies. Since legalization, officials at the public libraries have made an effort to make sure their palaces of public learning are up to date with the needs of their community.

“If it meets our collection development policy and is relevant to our community, then we consider it,” Jennifer Hendzlik, the collections buyer for Anythink Libraries told Westword. “We saw a need for factual information for locals and…

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