Denver’s Cannabis Clubs Will Be a Weak Scene – News

For almost the past year, there has been much discussion over the launch of the first ever legal cannabis clubs in the United States. However, as Colorado’s largest city prepares to dole out licenses for this very purpose, there are concerns that not many businesses will be eager to participate due to the restrictive nature of the program.

In 2016, Denver voters approved a measure intended to establish the first city in the nation to open an Americanized version of the cannabis lounge. Yet, while the consensus was that the scene was going to look something like Amsterdam did in the 1980’s, city officials have seized every opportunity to transform the concept into a measure that will benefit very few.

The original idea was designed to give people the right to smoke marijuana in designated public spaces, and was intended to give the cannabis community the same kind of freedom as those who venture outside the home consume alcoholic beverages.

But that’s not how the law shook out.

The city has since removed the ability for marijuana to be smoked is so-called “social clubs,” not to mention eliminated any possibility of restaurants or bars from taking…

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