Denmark’s “Tomato King” Wants to Be Europe’s Biggest Cultivator of Medical Marijuana – News

Only two weeks into 2018, the new year has already brought big news for the cannabis industry, from adult-use sales in California and legal weed legislation in Vermont, to the persistent threats of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And that’s only the United States. In Denmark, January 1st ushered in a new era, too, and it marked the start of a four-year trial to legalize medicinal cannabis, a program that has already prompted one of the country’s most successful tomato farmers to go green.

According to Denmark’s The Local, Mads Pedersen, a fourth-generation tomato farmer and the current director of Alfred Pedersen and Son Produce is already in the midst of transitioning part of the decades-old business to support the cultivation of medical cannabis. Nicknamed the “Tomato King,” Pedersen is confident that his lifetime of red fruit expertise has already prepared him for success in the country’s brand new cannabis industry.

“We are working and planting in advance,” Pedersen told Denmark’s TV2. “We have logistics and climate already in place [from the company’s tomato farm], and that is the same thing you need with regard to cannabis in order to deliver the quality patients…

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