Cultivating Color in Cannabis: Canna Meets Culture, an Event by Fully Integrated

Cannabis events have certainly changed over the past year. But, even though we don’t have the ability to meet in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still quality events happening, and the Canna Meets Culture event by Fully Integrated is going to be one of the best.

Cannabis Legalization and Cannabis Events

As we saw earlier this month on the 2020 election ballot, cannabis legalization is winning. Newly legalized states bring opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs, and those from communities who have been targeted by law enforcement in the racist war on drugs should be allowed those opportunities first and foremost.

Fully Integrated’s inaugural virtual cannabis experience, Canna Meets Culture looks to create opportunities for Black, Brown, and other underrepresented communities to learn about the pros, cons, benefits, and barriers of the cannabis business, as well as the best ways to integrate cannabis into your day to day lifestyle.

The event is focused on providing basic, entry-level education to newly interested parties while still offering valuable information, opportunity, and resources to the more “seasoned” cannapreneur. Fully Integrated hopes that…

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