Connecticut Legislative Committee Advances Recreational Cannabis Bill – News

Photo narrowly approved a bill to legalize and regulate retail marijuana sales, bringing that dream one step closer to reality.

The bill would require multiple state agencies to coordinate and develop a plan to legalize and regulate cannabis sales by October 1st of this year. The bill would also create new substance abuse, prevention, awareness, and treatment programs. The General Assembly Appropriations Committee voted 27-24 to approve the bill, which will now move to the state House of Representatives for debate. Html” target=” blank”> told the Hartford Courant that “this bill deserves an opportunity for further conversation and to get into the fine points of what that conversation would be. Html” target=” blank”> said to the Courant.

Although the bill’s success in the Appropriations Committee is promising, lawmakers have doubts about whether or not the bill can be approved by both chambers of the Assembly before this year’s legislative session ends on May 9th. Html” target=” blank”> the Hartford Courant, “it is still early in the process and I expect we will have continued discussions within the caucus, before it can be determined if it will be called for a vote in the House. ” Sen. John Kissel, on the other hand, said he believes there “isn’t a will in the legislature to move forward” with legalization this year. This year, pro-cannabis legislators decided to take an unusual approach to advance their legalization efforts, creating four separate bills to be heard by four separate committees.

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