Colorado to Have Weed Beer on the Shelves by Fall

We’ve already heard of large alcohol conglomerates exploring the idea of creating cannabis-infused beverages to establish a foothold in the industry that greatest threatens their very existence. But one major brewer is ready to let loose three varieties of marijuana beer on shelves across one legalized state as soon as this fall.

Keith Villa, the brewer behind Blue Moon Belgian Wheat beer and this new line of beverages with extremely high potential, wanted to create a hangover-free beer.

The man deserves a Nobel Prize if we’re keeping it 8 more than 92 with each other.


“This is really about brewing great beers that beer drinkers love,” said Villa. “You’d just swap out an alcoholic beer for one of our beers.”

Villa will have three different options for those looking to crack open a couple of cold ones and catch a bake at the same time: a wheat beer, a light beer, and either a barrel-aged stout or an Imperial.

The bud-heavy brews will only be available for purchase in Colorado to start, but other legalized states can expect to see them at their local dispensaries next year.

Because state laws are restrictive of alcohol and cannabis being distributed in the same place or used in the same products, these beers will have zero alcohol. The human body isn’t super fond of mixing the two, either.


Villa claims his formula will have drinkers feeling a little stoney in about the same amount of time it takes to feel buzzed from traditional beer. The project is a collaboration with Colorado extraction wizards, Ebbu.

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking, and yes, we’ve already come up with the rules for Bud Pong. Find them here.

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