Colorado Ranchers Start First Cannabis Grow Operation With Zero Carbon Footprint – News

Cannabis legalization has transformed pot farming from a risky black market endeavor into to a legitimate career choice. However, gigantic and widespread grow operations still consume a hefty amount of energy, and many have also expressed concerns that the budding industry could have a negative impact on the environment. But two Colorado ranchers named Rob and Linda Trotter have accomplished a major feat that could set a precedent for eco-conscious cannabis cultivators everywhere.

The couple has launched Pot Zero, a marijuana cultivation project that they claim creates zero carbon footprint, producing the most environmentally-friendly and sustainably grown pot on the market. The grow operation  is located TNT Ranch outside of Gypsum, Colorado, using snowmelt water that is locally sourced from a mountain that is 12,500 feet above sea level.

This special water supply is called “Snow to Grow,” helping to create clean and fertile mountain loam soil for their cannabis crops. The marijuana plants also receive intense ultraviolet light, while their Scottish Highland cattle herd provides the other organic manure needed to grow.    

“We are very passionate about…

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