Colorado Medical Chief Says Cannabis Legalization Has Caused No “Significant Issues” – News

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As the rollout of legal recreational cannabis in Canada draws near, the country is looking to canna-legal states south of their border for advice on the best way to regulate weed. This week, CBC radio host Matt Rainnie reached out to Dr. Larry Wolk, Chief Medical Officer in Colorado, for some guidance on legalizing it. “We haven’t experienced any significant issues as a result of legalization,” Wolk reassured listeners of the program.

Critics of cannabis legalization often argue that it will increase usage among children, but Wolk reported that “one in four adults and one in five youth use marijuana on a somewhat regular basis” in Colorado, and that these numbers have not increased since the plant was legalized. The doctor also relayed that he’s seen no evidence to support the theory that cannabis serves as a “gateway drug,” allegedly leading to abuse of illicit narcotics. Colorado has seen an increase in heroin-related fatalities, but Wolk said these numbers are unfortunately consistent with the opioid epidemic plaguing the entire United States.

Canada is still on track to legalize recreational cannabis on July 1st, 2018. The most recent…

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