Colorado Lawmakers Fail to Fix Marijuana Tax Error During Special Session – News

Colorado lawmakers brought a special session to screeching halt earlier this week without resolving an error pertaining to marijuana taxes. It was a legislative sideshow that, according to reports, nearly resulted in a clenched-fist riot between Democrats and Republicans over which party is to blame for sectors losing out on millions of dollars.

The Republican-dominated Senate did not waste any time on Tuesday snuffing out yet another Democratic proposal designed to give special districts the ability to collect taxes on recreational marijuana. The proposal would have revived a portion of the law that was repealed earlier this year.

The Denver Post reports that this shredding of the bill prompted lawmakers to get into a knock down, drag out battle of the blame, each side calling the other out for wasting time, opportunity and tax dollars.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who called together the special session in the first place, issued a statement shortly after the debacle, expressing his disdain for the Senate’s stubbornness.

“It is disappointing that the Republican-controlled Senate refused to fix an error, acknowledged as a mistake by all involved,” he

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