Colorado Governor Signs Bill Protecting Citizens From Civil Forfeiture by Law Enforcement – News

Although recreational and medical cannabis are legal in Colorado, that hasn’t stopped state law enforcement from confiscating marijuana plants and products. In fact, last year, the Denver Police Department was actually running out of room to store the massive amount of seized green. Thankfully, Governor John Hickenlooper just took a major step towards protecting state residents from having their money and property taken by the police.

On Friday, the governor approved House Bill 1313, a measure that will create a special task force to analyze and develop policies involving civil asset forfeiture by law enforcement. In the past, the police had been allowed to seize money and property potentially linked to crime, oftentimes before the suspect in question was even charged. 

Now, Colorado police agencies will be forced to report seizure information to the state twice a year. Additionally, law enforcement will be prohibited from receiving forfeiture proceeds in cases where property and money confiscated is less than $50,000. Opponents to the bill, namely local police and sheriffs, have argued that this measure will impede on their ability to conduct complex…

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