Colorado Cannabis Advocacy Group Conducts Research to Test Efficacy of Stoned Driving Regulations – News

Driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime across the country, but in states with legal medical or recreational use cannabis laws, trying to stop stoned drivers has turned into one of the burgeoning industry’s stickiest situations. But while police, politicians and scientists try to figure out how to properly detect and decipher marijuana intoxication, one group of Colorado cannabis advocates is doing their own research to see how much pot actually affects the person behind the wheel.

In Colorado, a recent series of in-depth reports from the Denver Post broke down the immense difficulties in detecting, testing, and determining if someone’s driving has actually been impaired by marijuana use. 

According to one report in the series, instances of car accident fatalities where marijuana was present in the driver’s system have gone up in the years since legalization, but with cannabis lurking in the body for up to months after ingestion, officials are still unsure if stoned driving is causing the crashes, or if more Coloradans just happen to have pot in their system.

In the instances that someone is driving stoned, it is almost impossible to prove, with law…

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