Cannabis Trailblazer Dasheeda Dawson is now New York City’s Cannabis Czar

Thought leader and activist Dasheeda Dawson continues to soar in her career as a leading cannabis policy maker and activist with her latest move. Dawson has stepped down from her position as the Cannabis Program Manager at the City of Portland is now the Founding Director of the new Cannabis NYC initiative where she will lead the agency’s support of the burgeoning cannabis industry of New York City.

While Dawson is undoubtedly a dynamic industry trailblazer, she is an authentic medical marijuana patient and advocate first, and I can think of no one better to lead and support the newly legalized cannabis Industry in the world’s projected largest market. She recently told me that in her work in Portland was at a point where they were riding a bike that had just had the training wheels taken off, and now switching into NYC was like jumping on a motorcycle…good thing she has the knowledge, experience, and ethics to take this market on!

Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition Chair Dasheeda Dawson Appointed Founding Director of Cannabis NYC

Recognized as a cannabis juggernaut before legalization, New York City’s emerging regulated adult-use industry is…

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