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We are beginning to see a relationship between the increase of cannabis use and the decrease of opioid addiction. Cannabis might have the potential to solve the problem of narcotic abuse at the root, if modern medicine will allow it. Read this article to learn more about the role cannabis has to play in the treatment of opiate withdrawal.

The use of cannabis to treat opiate withdrawal is a hot topic of conversation right now, with NBC, Reuters and even FOX covering the topic. This is especially so since we have seen a decrease in opioid deaths since the legalization of marijuana in the USA. This is not to suggest that cannabis is the complete cure for addiction, but we are beginning to see how it plays a role.

Essentially, scientists are discovering the potential of cannabis in treating the symptoms of withdrawal. The experience of withdrawal is probably one of the the hardest reasons for people to stop using drugs, since the easiest solution to withdrawal symptoms seems to just use again. Perhaps cannabis is some kind of backdoor method to treat that problem. In any case, cannabis could be a great alternative to…

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