Cannabis and Sport – an odd couple?

In the US, the public image of cannabis is currently undergoing change. After legalisation, new products are being developed that are focusing on health and exercise. California is a step ahead of the rest. Yet again.

The hippie movement, Silicon Valley, e-mobility – anyone who is interested in new trends simply cannot afford to ignore California. Ideas and products are born here, marketed and exported all over the world, so it is really no surprise that California is also playing a pioneering role in the legalisation of cannabis.

The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes has been permitted since 1996, and since last year, legislation has also covered recreational use. The legal basis for the legalisation is Proposition 64, a 60+ page document that you need a law degree to understand. Amanda Reiman from the Drug Policy Alliance, which helped to prepare Proposition 64, summarised the key facts in an interview with TIME magazine: “First the bad news. There aren’t any adult-use pot shops yet, and you can’t just walk…

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