Canadians Consumed up to $6.2 Billion of Marijuana in 2015

As Statistics Canada prepares to add cannabis to its list of monitored industries, it’s been revealed that Canadians consumed up to $6.2 billion (CAD) worth of pot in 2015. The government agency estimated that 698 million metric tons of marijuana, priced between $7.14 and $8.84 per gram, were ingested by approximately 4.9 million people.

These results indicate citizens of the Great White North were spending almost as much on marijuana as the $7 billion per year spent on wine or the $9.2 billion on beer.

The agency called its report “experimental” due to the lack of a systematic process in place for measuring marijuana use, but a system to track cannabis sales and usage is being implemented now.

In the results of the study, Statistics Canada said tracking the cannabis sector is an important task now that recreational pot is on the horizon. “It is necessary to adjust Canada’s national statistics system to measure the economic and social impacts of legalized cannabis,” stated the report.

The survey also found interesting data regarding the demographics of marijuana users in recent years. In 2015, two-thirds of cannabis users in Canada were over the age of 25,…

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