Canadian Premiers Want To Delay Cannabis Legalization

For the cannabis community across Canada, legalization day in July 2018 cannot come soon enough. But for the provinces, the deadline is coming faster than a freight train.

At the annual Premier’s Conference this week, the leaders of each province chimed in and shared their progress while airing their grievances over the legalization process. The main complaint is that the provinces will not be ready by the proposed July deadline — they want an extension.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister was of the extreme opinion that legalization should be delayed an entire year to July 1, 2019.

That date comes dangerously close to the next federal election, which is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019. If Trudeau were to lose, the most likely replacement would be a Conservative Party government that may want to swiftly extinguish the flames of cannabis reform in Canada.

Pallister wants the delay because he would like to avoid seeing a multitude of minimum age limits and retail options across provinces, which appears likely to occur given the current path of legalization. He used Canada’s mishmash of liquor regulations as an example.

“I would hope we…

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