Canadian Police Services Ask Government to Postpone Recreational Legalization Start Date – News

Earlier this year, the Canadian government introduced recreational marijuana legislation, setting the wheels in motion for legalization to take effect in July 2018. Officials have taken a cautious and meticulous approach to constructing regulations for the system, recently issuing safety guidelines to prevent adverse health risks that could stem from cannabis use.

But despite these preliminary precautions, Canada’s police force believes that they are not prepared to enforce legal pot laws next summer. This week, representatives from law enforcement services across the country appeared before the House of Commons health committee, the council responsible for analyzing the government’s recreational bill.

The police officials asked the government to reconsider home cultivation, claiming that the law would be too difficult to enforce and would make cannabis more accessible for adolescents. The request was made by representatives from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Saskatoon Police Service.

“We are asking that the government consider giving us more time to have all the legislation fully in place which will allow us…

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