Canada’s Licensed Producers Prepare for Edibles Market

As marijuana legislation in Canada continues to develop, one of the most important and yet still unregulated categories is the edibles market.

Cannabis enthusiasts are aware that you don’t need to smoke or vape weed to enjoy its benefits. Ingesting cannabis is popular and in many instances preferred delivery method.

Because of this desired way to consume, the Canadian government knows that it needs to license and regulate edibles if they want to stamp out the black market. But the feds have been short on information regarding the legislation of edibles thus far.

Regardless of the current lack of direction, Canada’s licensed producers of cannabis are positioning themselves for this integral category well ahead of the July 2018 legalization deadline.

For example, earlier this month Canopy Growth Corporation announced a domestic and international licensing agreement with Isodiol International, a developer of both medicinal and consumer marijuana products.

Canopy now has the rights to manufacture and distribute Isodiol’s “Pot-O-Coffee” and “Pot-O-Tea” brands which are THC and CBD infused single-serving pods and bottled beverages. Isodiol has a…

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