Canada’s Grey Market Embraces Plain Packaging Ahead of Legalization

Right now the largest marijuana producers in Canada are lobbying the feds to allow branding and advertising on their packages ahead of next summer’s legalization. These bureaucratic efforts are in response to a stipulation in Bill C-45 that calls for plain packaging on all cannabis products.

The licensed producers (LPs) argue that there needs to be a way to differentiate their brands from each other, and ultimately, distinguish their weed from “unlicensed” products. Ironically, some of the high-quality goods that are available in Canada’s unlicensed community or “grey market” as it is referred to, have already made the choice to have more subtle wrappers on their merchandise as they look forward to the legal marketplace.

“The plain packaging for myself came from my brilliant branding men,” said Angelina Blessed, the owner of Blessed Edibles in an interview with “Basically, I don’t want things to look like they are going to go into children’s hands. I want everything to be very clear on the packaging.”

Angelina added that her packaging choices were also an executive branding decision in general. “The fact that my packaging…

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