Can cannabis patients bring their medicine on holiday?

With the new law on cannabis as a medicine, medicinal cannabis became marketable in Germany. Since then, it has been possible to bring it with you to other European countries. Read about what you need to consider here.

More and more EU countries are adopting laws on the use of medicinal cannabis. Yet, legislation varies greatly, which means cannabis patients who intend to travel with their medicine have to bear a few things in mind, since even after approval as a medicine, cannabis flos is subject to other rules than conventional drugs. All cannabinoids, regardless whether they are a ready-to-use product, extract or flower, are prescribed and merchandised as so-called “marketable narcotics”. Because in most countries only Sativex, Marinol, Dronabinal, or Canames are approved, it is only permitted to bring these drugs on holiday or on business trips when travelling from these countries. This requires a “certificate for carrying drugs for the purpose of medical treatment – Article 75 of the Schengen Implementation…

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