California Legislators Defeat Proposal to Ban Cannabis Advertising on Clothing – News

California’s impending recreational and revamped medical marijuana markets are set to come on line at the beginning of next year and almost overnight become the world’s most active cannabis industry. And while city officials and state legislators sort out the last bits of pre-legalization regulation, the state’s cannabis companies scored one more win this week, when Golden State lawmakers shot down a proposal that would have banned canna-businesses from printing branded clothing or other promotional merchandise.

According to the L.A. Times, the dank duds ban was widely opposed by cannabis industry advocacy groups, including California Cannabis Manufacturers Association, who wrote a letter to the legislature, arguing that the bill would “undercut a legitimate revenue center for cannabis licensees.”

Late last week, the bill was put on hold without explanation by state legislature’s Assembly Appropriations Committee. As of press time, no explicit reason has been given for the pro-pot decision.

Sen. Allen and the bill’s supporters argued that allowing cannabis companies to advertise through clothing and merchandise would appeal to children and encourage children…

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