California Lawmakers Continue Debating New Recreational Marijuana Market Regulations – News

Since recreational marijuana was legalized by California voters last year, all eyes are on how this state of nearly 40 million inhabitants will craft and implement the wide-reaching regulations for such a massive market. With a prominent medical cannabis industry already in full swing, the state government has been cautiously preparing for the recreational cannabis explosion.

On Thursday, California lawmakers considered new legislation that would set a number of regulations for the state’s recreational cannabis system. If approved, the proposed measure would set standards for organic marijuana cultivation, permit home deliveries, and allow cannabis samples to be handed out at county fairs and other festivals. 

These new regulations were packaged within a state budget agreement that includes $118 million in funding for the department that will oversee the cannabis industry. This money will help pay for the technology and employees used to enforce regulations and issue licenses. 

As for organic cannabis standards, the proposed legislation would require policymakers to develop guidelines and rules the producers would need to follow in order to call their product…

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