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With cannabis legalization slowly spreading throughout the United States, the notion that every pot user can be chalked up as a stereotypical stoner is starting to dissipate. However, despite the fact that the laws have become more welcoming to the marijuana community, many people still see the plant through a stigmatized lens. 

California medical cannabis delivery company Eaze recently set out to disprove these long held prejudices and show that cannabis users come from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles. The startup conducted a study on the modern marijuana user, sending out a 32 question survey to more than 10,000 cannabis consumers in California.

The report contains surprising results, particularly when it comes to gender, education levels, and professional backgrounds. For starters, the survey showed that 59% of women who use cannabis do so on a daily basis, compared to 57% of men who responded. The study also showed that 51% of cannabis consumers have a college or postdoctorate degree, a significantly higher figure than the overall state average of 39%.

Eaze also found that the California tech industry is a hotbed for marijuana use,…

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