Bipartisan Indiana Lawmakers from Both Sides of the Aisle Begin Push for Medical Marijuana – News

Indiana’s homegrown chapter of NORML held a town hall event earlier this week, where longtime advocates and activists were joined by a pair of new allies, a pair of bipartisan state legislators finally ready to bring medical pot to the Hoosier State.

“It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing. Liberal or conservative. This is a human rights issue,” Republican Indiana Representative Jim Lucas told the gathered crowd. “We’ve seen the proof that it works. We heard personal testimony from people who have personally benefited from this product and I’m for it 100 percent.”

In the republican-lead Midwest state, medical marijuana has for years been a taboo issue, but with an incredibly specific CBD-for-seizures law signed by Governor Eric Holcomb earlier this year, the door is cracked open for expansion, as long as Lucas and his like-minded peers can convince Indiana’s conservative legislators to change their tune. According to Indiana’s Fox59 local, that sentiment was reiterated by Democratic Representative and medical marijuana supporter Sue Errington, who also spoke at this week’s NORML meeting.

“Up to now it’s mostly been Democratic voices and we’re a…

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