Bay Area recreational marijuana options expand with online delivery service

There are only so many places to go for purchasing recreational pot in the Bay Area, but now locals can simply call in to order some newly legalized marijuana.

The former social justice and cannabis policy website has been repurposed as an exclusive recreational marijuana delivery service carrying several award-winning brands and growers.

The website soft-launched early access this week to Oakland and other East Bay cities, with plans to expand to San Francisco in the coming days. will be the exclusive delivery service for 2017 Emerald Cup-winning strains from Molecular Farms, along with notable major brands that includes Bloom Farms, Lola Lola, and Stokes Confections.

The online service comes from interesting beginnings, as blogging pioneer Justin Hall registered the domain in 1994 to host software experiments and to advocate for cannabis legalization. Hall will discuss the website’s transition as a speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference held this Friday, Feb. 2, in San Francisco.

Legal cannabis is now sold for adult use in over 20 shops throughout the Bay Area, although few offer…

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