Attorney General Sessions Visits Nevada, Makes No Mention of Marijuana – News

A day after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions touched down in the Lone Star State calling for the resurrection of the infamous (and ineffective) D.A.R.E. program, the head of the Justice Department showed up in Las Vegas, Nevada to further discuss getting tough on crime. But according to NBC-affiliate KSNV, Sessions, who is no friend to the marijuana legalization movement, remained completely silent about the state’s newly established cannabis trade.

Ever since Sessions was put in charge of the Department of Justince in Washington D.C., he and his cronies on the Hill have given every indication that changes could be on the horizon for legal weed business being carried out across the United States.

Although Sessions has not come out and divulged plans to rip the cannabis industry to shreds, he has mentioned his loyalty to enforcing “federal law” on a number of occasions.

During the Vegas meeting, Sessions touched on a wide range of topics from the opioid crisis to immigration, yet did not so much as comment on legal marijuana sales in Nevada.

Some folks, like cannabis attorney Phillip Silvestri, hope his silence means “there’s some direction from above…

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