Attorney General Sessions Could Gain Even More Power Over Federal Drug Policy – News

It has become painfully clear that the U.S. Department of Justice is officially ramping up the War on Drugs. In fact, steps have already been taken to give the U.S. Attorney General more authority over federal drug laws.

Last week, a group of federal lawmakers introduced legislation to Congress aimed at creating a new classification of drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. The bill, which is called the “Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues (SITSA) Act of 2017,” would establish harsher penalties for those who manufacture and distribute chemical variations of all Schedule drugs.

According to the Washington Post, the “SITSA Act would create a new schedule, Schedule A, for substances that are chemically similar to already-regulated drugs. The attorney general would be able to place new compounds in Schedule A for a period of up to five years.”

But while the intentions of the bill is to restrict the flow of synthetics substances into the United States, especially versions of fentanyl, drug policy experts argue that it would put too much power over federal drug policy into the hands of the U.S. Attorney General.

“This is a giant step…

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