It’s petition season.

Arizona’s Latest Push to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Is Already Off to a Rocky Start

It’s petition season. Cannabis advocates around the country are starting the latest round in the fight to end marijuana prohibition and have begun compiling signatures in an effort to put legalization measures on the 2018 ballot in a huge swath of states.

In Arizona, the push towards recreational legalization is starting for the second straight election season, but is already facing the same barriers that lead to the failure of 2016’s legalization measure, Proposition 205.

According to the Phoenix New Times, a split in the goals and demeanor of Arizona’s pro-legalization activists is once again threatening the prospect of legal weed in the southwest state.

Safer Arizona, the advocacy group responsible for the 2018 legalization proposal that’s been making headlines over the past week, has been catching flak from older, more professional cannabis advocates for their “band of stoners” vibes and lax proposal for legalization.

“Folks like these are the reason Arizona may never be legal,” Kathy Inman, spokesperson for the pro-cannabis group MomForce, told the New Times. “Unfortunately, these are just the types that keep the stereotypes alive and enable people…

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