Arizona Judge Rules Medical Cannabis Extracts Are Illegal – News

Medical cannabis dispensaries in Arizona may have to pull vapes, edibles, and other non-flower-based cannabis products off their shelves after a local judge ruled that such products are not covered under the state’s MMJ laws. The most recent of these rulings was delivered this month, in the case of a Navajo County man who was charged with narcotics possession over a few grams of cannabis resin that he legally purchased at an Arizona dispensary.

Navajo County Superior Court Judge Dale Nielson based his reasoning for these rulings on the state’s 1950s-era criminal code on pot, which curiously defines cannabis and marijuana as two different substances. The law qualifies marijuana as the plant in its traditional form, but also cannabis as the resin extracted from marijuana. This resin is officially considered a “narcotic” in Arizona, and its use is punishable by greater felony penalties than traditional marijuana use.

“After review of the statues the court finds that the [Arizona Medical Marijuana Act] (AMMA) does not include cannabis,” Nielson wrote. “The court reads that AMMA language of ‘any mixture or preparation thereof’ as making reference to the dried flowers of…

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