Alderwoman Megan Green Is Trying to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in St. Louis – News

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For cannabis advocates facing an uphill battle in states with anti-marijuana leadership, local legislation to decriminalize the plant has often been a first step towards reefer reform, with big and small cities across the East Coast, Midwest and the South opting to reduce criminal possession charges while they wait for state legislators to wisen up. In St. Louis, Missouri, one local lawmaker is taking that concept a step further, and has introduced a bill that would bring total legalization to the Show Me State’s largest city.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Alderwoman Megan Green’s Marijuana Board Bill would essentially hold local cops to the same standard as officers in legal weed states, halting “the civil or criminal punishment for the use or possession of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia against any individual or entity.”

That means that for adults 21 and older, possession, sale and personal grow-ops would all suddenly become legal within St. Louis city limits.

Like other weed-legal locations, cops would still be able to bust anyone selling cannabis to people younger than 21 and those same youth for…

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