A Man Accused of Starting an In-Flight Brawl Is Blaming It on a Bad Reaction to Edibles – News

Some people just can’t handle their high. Earlier this summer, 23-year-old Joseph D. Hudek IV learned that lesson the hard way, when a trip to the marijuana mile high club turned into a felony nightmare. 

Earlier this summer, Hudek boarded a plane from Seattle to Beijing, took his seat in first class, had one beer as the flight was ascending, and then completely lost his shit. While the plane sped across the Pacific Ocean, Hudek got up from his seat and tried to open the cabin door (yes, the one to the outside). Once flight attendants noticed his intentions, and after Hudek was halfway towards his goal of depressurizing the cabin, crew members physically moved him away from the door, leading the irate man to punch one of the crew members twice and hit another man over the head with a wine bottle. Several passengers were needed to restrain Hudek while the plane returned to SEA-TAC airport, where law enforcement officers were waiting to arrest Hudek. 

Now, months after the incident, Hudek is blaming his behavior on an cannabis-infused edible he ate before boarding the July 6th flight, and according to the Seattle Times, has been released by a federal judge into the…

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