1,000 Marijuana Shoppers in Vancouver Needed for Research Study

A new research study in Vancouver is looking for 1,000 dispensary clients to participate in an online survey to help inform the government ahead of legalization. The B.C. Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) is examining the benefits and potential harms of dispensaries, ahead of the July 2018 legalization deadline set out by the feds.

“We know [dispensaries] serve a pretty wide cross-section of people in Vancouver,” said BCCSU researcher M-J Milloy to the CBC. “[We want to]  sample the full gamut of cannabis users in Vancouver to find out why they use cannabis, what the impacts are, and try and prepare for legalization.”

Researchers plan to follow up with respondents after marijuana has been legalized in Canada. The second round of data collection will be used to determine how legalization has impacted this segment’s pot use.

“[Legalization] is the biggest experiment in drug policy in our lifetimes. So it’s important we try to get it right, and as scientists to observe what’s going on,” said Milloy.

In a press release earlier this year on the BCCSU website, Milloy said that “how adults use cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes has never been…

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