1, 2, 3 or 5 Nanograms? DUI-Rules Need Standards

Since the worldwide liberalization of cannabis, the debate surrounding a reasonable THC limit while driving is intensifying in many countries. On the same token, countries enforce varied national regulations when it comes to DUI-driving. Thus, each country determines exactly how much THC must be present in your system to be considered “intoxicated” or “impaired.”

In the U.S., many states with legalized cannabis have established a maximum limit of five nanograms of active THC in the system. Canada will only set precise limits when they finalize their legalization, and the regulations across Europe vary greatly. While only active THC is measured in most parts of Europe and the USA, the non-psychoactive metabolite THC-COOH also plays a role in driving impairment in some EU countries and a few US states. In some countries, a salivary or urine test is mandatory before blood testing, in others, pre-testing is voluntary, and elsewhere, only the trained eye of the police and the blood parameters count. However, in all countries mentioned, only the blood parameters can serve as court evidence. The penalties are usually fines or driving bans that can last many years if…

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