The Green Revolution of Hemp Surfs The Waves

The ocean has been turned into a large marine waste dump that harms its ecosystems. The world of surfing wants to “reinvent the future” with a clean alternative that replaces the use of polluting materials: Hemp.

The Ocean: A Global Dump

The ocean has become a giant deposit of marine debris that poses a great threat to its ecosystems. According to Greenpeace, each second more than 200 kg of plastic are dumped in the oceans of the world, this amounts to more than 8 million tons of plastic waste per year.

Some of this plastic waste – which accounts for 80% of marine pollution – is degradable and may disappear in little over six months, but much of the rest will take hundreds of years to be degraded. In the meantime, before this happens, they leave a polluting trail: each year, more than 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die due to the deterioration of the aquatic environment.

The plastic, chemical, and petroleum residues are drowning our seas and oceans, and depleting their flora and fauna. As a great…

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