Wildfire Windfall? California Cannabis Farmer Receives $1 Million Insurance Payout for Damaged Crops – News

After losing an entire pre-harvest greenhouse to damage from airborne ash, the cultivator collected over $1 million in policy payouts from a London-based insurance firm – a milestone in the newly-legal cannabis industry.

During the last few months of 2017, as California prepared to finally cut the ribbon on its highly anticipated adult-use legal cannabis market, the state was engulfed in a series of deadly wildfires that scorched NorCal in October and SoCal in December. Caught in the blazes and subsequent ash storms were hundreds, if not thousands, of cannabis farms. It was that type of cultivation setup which led to one Carpinteria, CA grow getting destroyed, as December’s Thomas Fire spread toxic ash across its mature plants.

But while most cultivators would accept the fire-damaged plants as an unavoidable loss, the unnamed Carpinteria grower had recently insured his state-legal cannabis crops, and has since collected over $1 million in policy payouts for the damaged doja,

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