What Are Fungus Gnats & How To Kill Them?

Most gardeners are familiar with fungus gnats and these little pests really love to feast on indoor cannabis plants. They can cause havoc in your root system and your final harvest. The good news is getting rid of them is relatively quick and easy. To learn how to deal with a gnat problem, keep reading

The fungus gnat is one of the most annoying pests in your marijuana garden. In fact, these little things can cause huge problems for your indoor plants, whether the gnats are larval or adults. If fungus gnats are left to feast on your plant and soil for too long, then you risk losing your plant to a whole bunch of fungal diseases.

The best way to deal with this is to try and get them early! This article is all about how to identify if you have a gnat problem and how to attack it efficiently.

What are fungus gnats?

Fungus gnats are known scientifically as Mycetophilidae or Sciaridae. They are tiny little insects that are almost invisible to the naked eye. These little guys love to feast on fungi (hence their name), which means they are particularly attracted to indoor plants, especially when the moisture is high….

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