UK to Host First Ever Medical Cannabis Summit

Prime Minister Theresa May is dead-set against any sort of cannabis reform. Despite the opinion at the head of Her Majesty’s Government, there are government officials, healthcare providers, activists, and everyday citizens who are calling for the legalization of medical and even adult-use cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Due to this growing choir of pot reform, it seems high time that Britain holds its first-ever medical cannabis conference.

We had considered several great countries including Germany and Spain, as both are progressive in their attitude toward cannabis. Spain is currently doing excellent cannabinoid research and Germany legalized medical this past March,” said Saul Kaye, CEO of iCAN Israel-Cannabis, the parent company of the conference, in an interview with “Having said that, CannaTech never shies away from medical cannabis discussions that may be provocative or dialogue that may be difficult. There are myriad issues facing the industry, and having frank conversation in a conservative country such as the UK where opinions are often polarized is an opportunity we relish.”

Kaye went on to describe what people can expect at the…

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