The History of Growing Marijuana Around the World

The trend of growing cannabis has seen a revitalization as of late. From the first country ever to decriminalize growing marijuana to what is now a slew of countries following suit, history has shown us that the road to growing and cultivating cannabis has not always been an easy one. Read on to get a glimpse into the history of growing—a history that dates back to 2737 BC!

Recently, the cultivation of cannabis and the marijuana industry, in general, have received a new wave of attention. As more and more countries are either embracing legalization or moving in that direction, growing cannabis has become a hot topic all across the globe.

The global cannabis industry is exploding, and this is just the beginning. Currently, at least 29 countries have legalized its use to some extent, and the global cannabis market is estimated at around $200 billion dollars.

It’s no wonder that growing marijuana has gained such incredible attention lately, considering that the industry is predicted to boom globally during the next quarter century.

Growing marijuana may seem like a new trend to…

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