State-of-the-Art Cannabis Facilities Replacing Abandoned Greenhouses

Salinas, California, the largest city in Monterey County, is known across the world as the “Salad Bowl of America.” A cultivation powerhouse for lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes, this fertile valley grows the majority of salad greens for the country. With economic pressures inspiring change, some farmers in Salinas Valley are considering a diversification of their greens.

Salinas Valley is one of the most agriculturally rich valleys in America —  beyond greens, it is also known as the “Flower Basket of America,” because the climate and long growing season are perfect for the traditional flower industry. This moderate, warm climate is also what attracts cannabis growers from all over the coast to this abundant valley.

With California’s legal cannabis market set to explode next year, many traditional flower farmers are beginning to consider trading in their crop for cannabis. With the required infrastructure already in place, it’s a relatively simple transition that could provide farming families with a much higher profit margin than the average tulip.

In the 1980s, at the peak of the cut flower industry, the Salinas Valley was booming with…

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