Special Delivery: Orlando Couple Finds 65 Pounds of Pot Inside Amazon Package – News

Lead photo via Flickr user Carl Malamud

If you’ve ever been to a big box retailer in California’s Humboldt or Trinity counties around cannabis harvest season, you’ve probably seen an increase in Costco or Sam’s Club stock of giant plastic storage tubs. With millions of pounds of weed ready to be trimmed, dried, and stored, large plastic storage totes have long been a container of choice for NorCal growers. But as California cultivators stock up for the season, one Florida couple found out firsthand just how much weed those ubiquitous bins can hold, when the empty storage totes they ordered on Amazon were delivered pre-packed with 65 pounds of pot.

According to local Florida ABC affiliate WFTV, the Amazon customers — who have chosen to remain anonymous after the unexpected ordeal — ordered four empty 27 gallon plastic tote bins for clothing storage from the online retailer, like they had done with countless products before. But the Orlanda-based couple were surprised, shocked, and terrified to find their delivered package weighed upwards of 90 pounds and contained two bales of entirely unwanted reefer.

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