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Even though marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places, there are still so many illegal grow operations taking place. At first glance, this might seem unreasonable and confusing, but a closer look shows us why this occurs. Taking Europe and the USA as an example, we explore why people might want to grow illegally within a legal market. Keep reading to learn more.

In the globally changing marijuana market, the last thing we expect during legalization is an increase in the illegal commercial growing of cannabis. It comes as a huge surprise that despite efforts to legalize marijuana across the world, there is still an enormous black market.

This article is an exploration into the phenomenon of a growing black market in the face of global marijuana legalization. A look into the economics between a legal and illegal market gives us an idea of how they affect one another. It seems that for the most part, worldwide legalization of cannabis could thwart a black market entirely and its repercussions on the legal market.

The Netherlands as an example

Before delving in to why…

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