Q&A: How to grow the best marijuana strains of 2017 with Molecular Farms’ Steve Haba

(Lemon Crush. Photo courtesy Molecular Farms)

Growing award-winning cannabis may be complicated for most, but the cultivators at Molecular Farms have made it look easy for the second year in a row.

After coming out of seemingly nowhere in 2016 by winning the Emerald Cup award for best CBD flower, the cultivators from Monterey County crushed the competition in 2017 by earning a resounding amount of first place votes in the best overall flower category with the creation of the terpene-packed Lemon Crush.

But best wasn’t enough for Molecular, who also returned to claim back-to-back awards for best CBD flower for their Guava Jam strain, that also contains a relaxingly low percentage of THC.

Now that the genetic geniuses have generated a massive buzz throughout the prestigious competition for the second year in a row, Molecular Farms’ operation manager Steve Haba generously took some time off from growing award-winning cannabis to explain to Smell the Truth how it’s done.

Smell the Truth: Molecular won last year’s Best CBD Flower on first attempt and also Best Overall Flower this year on first attempt. How did you manage to pull that off?

Steve Haba: Molecular…

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