Pot dispensary offers free weed to clean up Maine city

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A Maine marijuana dispensary aims to clean up their neighborhood with the help of free pot.

The Summit Medical Marijuana dispensary in Gardiner, Maine offered grams of pot as a gift to those helping to clean the city’s streets, reports WCSH 6 News.

“Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis,” said Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner, to WCSH.

The cleanup plan was devised as a way to give Maine residents the chance to enjoy recreational weed while doing something positive for their surroundings. The state legalized recreational use in January, although a system of regulated sales has yet to be established. The only current ways to get marijuana is by either growing it or receiving it as a gift.

Meehan’s shop offered all customers one gram of free pot for every garbage bag filled with trash from around the neighborhood. He says the idea came from a Colorado dispensary that offered free joints for picking up garbage.

While Meehan understands that giving out his product may not be a great business model, he’s committed to bringing…

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