Our First Look At Transparent Season 4 Is Here

The Pfeffermans are back — or will be soon enough. Amazon has just released a new trailer for season 4 of Transparent, the Emmy-winning dramedy that proves reaching adulthood is not the ending of growing up. The whole gang has returned for the new season of the Amazon series, which includes resident “Moppa” Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), whose gender transition journey inspired her family to make their own life changes. The new trailer shows the Pfeffermans experiencing all that life has to offer — which, in the case of Maura and Ali (Gabby Hoffman), includes cannabis-infused gummy bears.

“I was just going to have you eat the head!,” Ali says to Maura, who has just popped an entire gummy in your mouth.

As for mom Shelly (Judith Light), it seems that her Alanis Morissette cover from the season 3 finale episode provided a bit of a transformative experience.

“You’re energy is like there’s a gas fire in the kitchen,” Josh (Jay Duplass) muses to his mother. Hey, at least she’s not weeping over ex-boyfriend Buzzy (Richard Masur), who revealed himself to be a habitual liar and mooch.

While we can expect plenty of family bonding in the new season, we can also expect the new season of

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