Oregon’s Cannabis Industry Endures Sales Drop, More Crime, and Braces for More Challenges

The City of Portland’s Cannabis Program and local advocates presented to Portland City Council on Thursday, sharing sobering statistics that underscore how repetitive theft, increased overhead, and inflation are negatively impacting the economy. What is more, Portland retailers are currently selling product at extremely discounted rates and cannabis industry experts caution that Oregon’s cannabis ecosystem is vulnerable.

“We’re noting cannabis consumers shifting their dollars toward other summer fundamentals such as groceries, childcare, vacations, and gas,” said Cannabis Policy Oversight Team (CPOT) Chair Travis Maurer. “I’m hopeful that the City, CPOT and our three subcommittees will continue to find creative, workable, and long-term solutions to re-invest in it, while growing the industry.”

Portland’s Shaken Cannabis Industry

In December 2021, Portland City Council approved the Cannabis Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) — the first-of-its-kind in the country. This allowed Civic Life’s Cannabis Program to allocate $1.33M in umbrella grants to three community partners — NuProject, The Initiative and the Oregon Cannabis Association — to…

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