Oregon Governor Rebukes Jeff Sessions’ Scolding of Legal Cannabis – News

Continuing on his crusade to curtail legal weed and reinstate the full force of the war on drugs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been sending letters to the Governors and Attorney Generals of legal weed states expressing his dismay with the state of the rapidly growing industries. But, for someone who thinks “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” it hasn’t taken long for various heads of state to clap back at the top cop’s faulty, outdated data.

According to the Oregonian, Governor Kate Brown is latest official to rebuke Sessions’ worries, joining Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton to sternly tell the AG that the state police study he used to claim Oregon is leading the way in black market exports, causing countless extraction-fueled explosions and growing too much weed was an early draft report from the years before regulation that has since been proven moot.

“The Oregon State Police determined that the draft report required significant additional work and revision because the data was inaccurate and heavily extrapolated conclusions were incorrect,” Brown wrote.

The data Sessions mentions in his letter was pulled from the federally…

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