Oregon Couple Sue Cannabis Growers for Federal Racketeering – News

Two landowners in Oregon are using federal racketeering laws to go after a swath of operators in the state’s legal weed industry, and it’s all made possible by a federal court ruling in Colorado earlier this month.

According to the Capital Press, Rachel and Erin McCart, who own an 11 acre plot of land in Beavercreek, Oregon, are suing their cannabis cultivating neighbors, and 42 other defendants over the federally illegal business that the couple claims has decreased their property value and caused them personal trauma.

It hasn’t been explicitly cited, but we’re guessing the McCart’s decision was heavily influenced by a ruling in Denver’s 10th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month that held up a pair of Pueblo, Colorado farmers’ right to sue their cannabis-growing neighbor under federal RICO statute, charges usually reserved for white collar conspirators and organized crime syndicates.

After the 10th Circuit ruling, Brian W. Barnes, an attorney for plaintiff Safe Streets Alliance, a Washington, D.C.-based anti-drug organization, encouraged others to follow suit. “This is basically a road map for people who own property that is near (a marijuana…

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