Northern California Wildfires Are Devastating the Area’s Cannabis Crop – News

In Northern California, Fall means more than leaves changing colors, squash and pumpkins, with hordes of “trimmigrants” heading for the hills and a spike in scissor sales marking the world’s most important annual cannabis harvest. This year though, as thousands of farmers and their trimming assistants prepare this year’s crop for the medical market, personal use and illegal out of state sales, a series of wildfires is raging through Sonoma and Napa counties, destroying homes, businesses, vineyards, and, yes, cannabis farms. 

Most of Northern California’s commercial cannabis production is based in the emerald triangle of Mendocino, Humboldt and Trinity counties, but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Sonoma County (directly south of Mendocino) is home to anywhere from 3,000 to 9,000 marijuana farms, with revenue from the cash crop bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to the area.

“It’s located right there between three counties where so much of our product comes from, and its proximity to the Bay Area makes it a huge marketplace, with a lot of processing and manufacturing; just a huge industrial leader in general.” California Growers…

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