Micro Growing: Growing Weed in Small Spaces

Who said that growing marijuana was only for those who had huge spaces to grow in? If you’ve got a small cabinet or small closet, you can micro grow! Micro growing is a lot like indoor growing but with a bit of training so that your plants can stay small. When you finish reading this article, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to start your micro grow.

Having almost no space for a cannabis cultivation operation is only a small hurdle to overcome for the enthusiastic and creative grower. In fact, micro growing is one of the best accidental things to occur in the world of modern cultivation. Even without a garden, anybody can use micro growing techniques to start their own weed cultivation.

The more legal marijuana becomes around the world, the more liberty everybody has to grow it. Unfortunately, not everybody has access to an acre of land for planting or even for a small plot in the backyard. Some people live in apartments and still want to grow weed. Micro growing has really enabled growing operations to happen in very, very limited space.

If you’re planning the very fun task of growing weed under your kitchen sink or in a…

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