Marijuana Container Planting: A Primer

Container planting is one of the most common methods of growing cannabis. Aside from convenience, container planting allows for better and much more thorough maintenance operations. This method has paved the way for the development of special cannabis plant containers for optimized gardening. Now, growing your own supply of cannabis requires a lot of dedication and hard work. To help you grow healthy mary janes, consider this primer your basic marijuana container planting education.

It’s All in the Roots

container planting

If you know a thing or two about growing cannabis, you’re probably aware that healthy roots equate to a healthy marijuana plant. If you’re a weed gardening newbie, you can start learning with that piece of information. In order to keep your cannabis roots healthy and happy, you must make sure they get enough TLC. In this case, TLC constitutes of four different elements:

  • Moisture- Dry roots are a sign of poor marijuana health. Mary janes can’t stand neglect, and if you don’t think you can commit to regular tending and watering, maybe marijuana container planting is not the best hobby for you. Aside from neglect, not having the right planting container can…

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